What to do in Alanya

When you are looking for what to do in Alanya you probably get the same advice from every site: the castle, the shipyard, the harbor, the Red Tower, The Dim Cay River, Sapadere canyon, etc. Not that these are not great advice, but we thought we should try to explain it a bit differently. Different people want to experience different things when they come to Alanya.

What to do in Alanya for families with children.
You can find a lot of parks all over Alanya with a playground for children. One of the most popular and biggest ones is in Damlatas. A bit further out from center there is a Tivoli, Luna Park, which is very appreciated among children of all ages. Most hotels also offer separate pools for children and Aqua Parks.

What to do in Alanya for the party people.
During the summer season, the party never ends in Alanya. No matter where you live, you will have a bar or restaurants close by that offers great drinks and entertainments. You can either stay in one of these places or continue into the harbor and its side streets. Here is where you’ll find the discos and the bar street. From the center, you can also take a special bus to Alanya’s biggest disco – Summer Garden – about 10 km from the center.

What to do in Alanya for the couple on a romantic vacation.
If you want to have a romantic dinner you definitely need to go to one of the many restaurants in the harbor. They have an amazing view over the sea. Or choose one of the restaurants on the castle or among some of the terraces restaurants on the Taurus Mountain. Then you’ll have a panoramic view all over Alanya as well as the sea. To hire one of many photographers to take beautiful pictures of you on the beach in the sunset is another great romantic thing you can do. And, of course, don’t forget the nice hand-in-hand walks on the beach.

What to do in Alanya for the sporty people.
The beach walk that goes from Alanya’s east to west side is perfect for walking, running, rollerblading, bicycling etc. Along the beach walk, there are several workout stations you can use to get your workout. On the beach, you can swim or try some of the water sports activities. A walk or run up to the castle is a great challenge as well as a great reward when you’ve reached the top. Alanya is also full of gyms if you rather prefer a fully equipped gym with air-conditioning.

What to do in Alanya for the retired.
Most retired people that come to Alanya stay for a quite long period of time in a hotel where they get to know other retired people. You’ll often see a whole “gang” of retired friends from all over the world having a beer, playing cards, drinking coffee or beer in some of the many cafés or restaurants.

What to do in Alanya for the shopaholics.
Just as the party, the shopping never ends in Alanya. The shops are open from about 9 o’clock in the morning to about midnight during the summer season. Here you have everything from affordable shops to the exclusive ones. The most popular shops are those who sell copies of famous brands. Other popular options are the bag- and shoe shops, leather shops, jeweler shops, etc.

What to do in Alanya for the people looking to recharge and relax.
People who come to Alanya because they want to get away from the busy life of home often go to a hotel outside of the city center. Kargicak and Avsallar are famous for its beautiful beaches and calm atmosphere. These areas have wonderful all-inclusive hotels that have everything you want. The areas, of course, have some shops and other facilities as well.

What to do in Alanya for the people traveling alone.
It is never a problem if you want to travel alone to Alanya! You can meet lots of new friends from all over the world in the hotel and restaurants. Turkish people are also very friendly so you will quickly get a good relationship with the staff in the hotel or in the restaurants, shop, and bars if you go to the place a few time.

What to do in Alanya for the “foodie.”
If you appreciate good food, you have to try the local Turkish food! You should, therefore, try to find the truly genuine Turkish restaurants. The best way to spot them is to look for humble restaurants who have a lot of Turkish guests. The really good Turkish restaurants often don’t have a lot of fancy decorations or the best locations. These are the restaurants you’ll find on the smaller streets with a quite modest look.