Things to do in Alanya

When you are coming to Alanya there are a few things you really have to do if you want to get the full experience of the city.

Hamam – is a Turkish bath and it is the best way to start your holiday. Here you will get a good and nice scrub to remove dead skin cells, this will make you suntan more even and last longer. First, you will be guided through different saunas (steam room, dry sauna, and/or salt room) before you go in to the Hamam. Here you’ll lay down on a hot marble table and get a nice wash and a scrub to really remove all dead skin cells and to increase the blood circulation. After the wash you often get a massage. When you are leaving the Hamam you will have a baby soft skin.

Turkish breakfast – is lots and lots of small dishes served with Turkish tea. You will get eggs, vegetables cooked in different ways, olives, cheeses, jams, honey, and much more put in front of your in several small plates.

Cable car – this cable car is Alanya’s newest attraction and it is a really easy way to get from the Cleopatra beach to the top of Alanya castle. Here you’ll have an astonishing view all over Alanya.

The castle – the castle of Alanya is the city’s biggest landmark. It was built in the 13th century to protect the city. A lot of the long walls and fortress is still standing. From the top, that is about 300 m above sea level, you’ll have an amazing 360 degree view over the city, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Taurus Mountains.

Dim Cay River – this is the perfect place to go during the hottest summer month. The river is a few km east of the city and the water is melted snow from the mountains. The waters temperature barley ever exceeds 15 degrees which makes the area cool and green. Along the river there are lots of restaurants with special huts in and around the river where you can enjoy food, drinks, or why not a Turkish breakfast, while you are staying cool.

The Red Tower and the Shipyard – is a 33-meter tall tower located in the harbor. The tower was built to protect the Shipyard. Today both the Shipyard and the Red Tower are museums who are well worth a visit.

Sapadere canyon – is an impressing canyon that is almost 400 m high and 360 m long. At the end of the canyon, you will find a spectacular waterfall.

Jeep safari – in Alanya there are several different Jeep safaris to choose from. This is a great way of sightseeing, just choose the type of safari that is best suited for you and your interests.

Paragliding – this is also an amazing way to get a splendid view over Alanya, the castle, the Cleopatra beach and the mountains, if you are not afraid of heights that is. You will be gliding together with an instructor so you don’t need to have any experience of paragliding.

Boat tour – you will find a lot of “pirate-ships” in the harbor. They will take you out on a boat tour for a few hours to show you Alanya. You will get at really nice view over Alanya, from the new harbor to the castle. On the boat you’ll get lunch and drinks. The boat will also stop in several different locations so you can go for a swim. Don’t forget to bring your sunscreen, the sun is really burning out on the open sea.

Cleopatra beach – is the most popular beach in Alanya. The sand is white and very fine and the water is nice and crystal clear. On the beach, there are lots of beach bars with food and drinks and where you can rent a sunbed and parasol.

Dim cave – is a salt cave that always holds about 18 degrees. It is a very nice experience and especially if you have troubles like asthma or other illnesses that make breathing difficult.

Bazaar – is a fruit and vegetable market where the locals buy most of their fresh groceries. This is a pure symphony of colors, aromas, and impressions. Besides vegetables and fruits, you’ll find spices, cheeses, olives, honey, nuts, eggs, salca, and much much more.

These things are very typical for Alanya and a must when you come here!