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Alanya, is one of the most visited touristic regions of Antalya, or even of Turkey, provides you a dream vacation that you will not forget for years.  Alanya is not only with its natural beauties, but also known with its historical places. Alanya properties offer you a great chance to have an unforgettable holiday. The vacation you will be spending in Alanya will not be an ordinary one where all you can do is not limited to swimming, building sandcastles or sunbathing under the hot sun while drinking your icy lemonade. However Alanya, with its vast cultural background provides you a chance to return your home with learning so much from Alanya’s cultural and historical background. However, it is for sure that you will not be able to visit all the places in seven or fifteen days. Hotels are already too expensive even for seven days and it is impossible to relax and do all the things that your heart desires in seven days. So, here is the solution.

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You can look for  rental apartments in Alanya and stay there for the  summer vacation or even in winter holidays. By doing this you could get a general idea about life in Alanya. And this will help you decide what kind of property you would like to buy in Alanya. We all know that hotels can be too noisy and crowded especially the big ones, but in your own house you can stay away from that noisy and trouble-making children running around the pool and chasing each other, In addition to that paying a fortune for the hotels just for a room where you’ll be staying for a week is not so economic. But you don’t have to deal with any of those problems in your own property. That’s why your Alanya holiday in your own resort is more suitable than staying in hotel. Although hotels, motels or guest pensions can give you lots of additional features, for instance banquet service or etc., In your own property in Alanya, all you have to do is enjoy your relaxing vacation in peace. Real estate business in Turkey is mainly dominated by Alanya with its 30% foreign land-owners. And this market is still growing with the encourages are made by both government and local traders.

Alanya is a seaside resort town that is southern part of Turkey. It has a lovely view of Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains. It has always been a strategically point for Mediterranean based empires such as Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk as well as Ottoman Empire. As a consequence of having a coastal town, and having a great potential of sea trade, Alanya has always protected with many great castles and towers for instance Red Tower and Alanya Castle. These areas can be visited today as touristic points. With its Mediterranean climate, with its always smiling local people and maybe the most important is with its natural attractions Alanya has a great importance on Turkey’s economy and tourist attraction. And it is in a location which is 138 kilometres to city centre of Antalya. You can easily visit Antalya’s historical sites such as Hadrian’s Gate, Kaleiçi, etc. You can visit bars, night clubs of Antalya or attend some festivals around the city. There are hundreds of natural and historical sites in Antalya and dozens of annual festivals.

There are lots of options while buying or renting house. You bought your tickets to Antalya, planned your dream vacation, and pointed the exact touristic towns or villages in Antalya. In that point, you can either find a property for sale in Alanya close to the market place or to the seaside. Natural beauties of Alanya attract millions of European tourists every year, especially Northern part of the continent, such as Scandinavian, Dutch or German tourists. Damlataş Cave, Tersane (Shipyard) from Seljuk period, or its beautiful beaches, Alanya has much scenery for you and your family. In order to find an economic property in Alanya, you can always ask for the advice of local people in Alanya, and it is a crucial thing to do because they do not price you even for asking advice. They also have a vast knowledge of the properties in Alanya and about their prices, so it is always a good option to consult a local people before you purchase anything. You can do an Internet research, as well as doing a research on local people, but there are not always well secured websites on the internet and some of the information on that websites are mostly not accurate prices and features about the properties on the website. Accurateness of these prices depends on daily basis of money exchange and these sites might not update their prices on daily basis. It would be better if you can search for the properties by yourself. It will decrease the chance of being disappointed or much worse, getting tricked. Rest of it is up to you and of course to your wallet.

You can either buy a flat, villa or you can hire someone to build your very own dream summer house, decorated according to your style and wishes. If you have a crowded family and if you are in need of space for your children, you can always search for villas in Alanya. While the little ones are so busy with chasing each other you can finally have some time for you and the ones you love. It is certain that you will be ready and motivated for the winter time while you are having the fun of your life in Alanya, and the moment you see the joy on the faces of the ones you love you know that it is worth. You can either buy a villa or rent it for the summer. But, it is for sure that once you go to Alanya, you would not visit anywhere but Alanya. Alanya, the never ending dynamo of Turkey’s economy and tourist attraction, is waiting you to visit and have fun with your familyProperties in Alanya are going to leave you amazed with its combination with the green nature and lovely local people.