Antalya or Alanya


Antalya is actually the 9th biggest city in Turkey and the capital of the Antalya region. This is a modern city with lots to offer. In Antalya you’ll find everything you need on a vacation, here are lots of historical sites, beaches, nightlife, museums, restaurants, and shopping. The city’s main focus is not tourism which can give you a bit more city-pulse than holiday-feeling.


Alanya is a quite small city but that doesn’t mean you will lack anything when you come here on vacation. Alanya municipality stretches on quite long along the coastline which means you are never far away from the beach. The different areas of Alanya have therefore developed their own little center. So even if you are not living in Alanya center you’ll still have most things you need on your holiday close by.

The difference

The obvious difference between the cities is obviously the size. Antalya is bigger and therefore has a bigger range. However, Alanya is keeping up with Antalya and is able to offer almost the same things but on a smaller scale. But if you are looking for special international brands and stores, you have a bigger chance of finding them in Antalya.

The Antalya airport was up until a few years ago one of Antalya’s biggest advantages. It was more comfortable for tourists to come directly to the city they were supposed to stay in instead of needing to continue on a transfer bus.
However, Alanya now has its own airport. So it is just as convenient to fly to Alanya as it is to fly to Antalya. There is only about 10 minute’s difference in flying time.

Both Antalya and Alanya have just as much rich history and culture sites to show its visitors. They also have a beautiful harbor with nice restaurants where you can eat and drink while enjoying the view.

Since Antalya is bigger and has adapted to become a big city and to respond to the big city demands, it has also lost some of it genuine character along the way. Alanya has a more genuine feeling while still managing to provide most of the modern demands of today.

So, to summarize, how can we best explain the difference between these two cities? The easiest way to explain it would be to say that Antalya is more of a big city with a more modern feeling. Alanya is more like Antalya’s baby brother. The city is smaller and has more of a holiday feeling. The beaches, green areas, restaurants, shops etc. play a much bigger role in Alanya than in Antalya.

It is really up to you if you want from your holiday destination. If you want a big city combined with a holiday feeling, then you should choose Antalya. If you rather prefer a great holiday city that is less crowded but with good shopping and nice beaches, than you should choose Alanya.