Alanya Center

You’ll find everything from culture to amazing nightlife in Alanya center. The center is not that big so you easily can experience it on foot. Here are some examples of what to do on your visit.

Cable car

Alanya’s newest and much-appreciated attraction is the cable car that will take you up to the castle. Both from the cable car and the castle you’ll have an astonishing view of the sea and Alanya. This is definitely the easiest way to visit Alanya’s famous castle, and why not enjoy a Turkish breakfast with a panoramic view over Alanya when you are up here.


The harbor is another great place to visit in Alanya. Here are plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafés where you can have a wonderful meal, nice wine, or a tea while enjoying the sea view. From here you can also let one of the “Pirate-ships” take you out for a sight-seeing of Alanya from the sea.

Red Tower and Shipyard

At the far end of the harbor, you’ll find the popular tourist attractions, the Red Tower, and the Shipyard. Today they are museums. Before the Red Tower was protecting the very important Shipyard from enemies. The Red Tower is 33 meters above sea level and offers a spectacular view.


Alanya has a great nightlife! Most bars and discos are located in the harbor and on the nearby bar streets. A lot of them also have pick-up service if you are staying in a hotel outside of the center. Alanya’s biggest disco, Summer Garden, is located in Konakli, about 10 km outside the city center. During the summer season, there are special buses to and from center to this disco.

Food and drinks

Turks make amazing food! In Alanya center, you can find food and drinks everywhere. The recommendation is to eat the local cuisine, it is usually better than the international dishes. Soups, grilled dishes, and the Turkish breakfast are the biggest favorites among the tourists.


Alanya center is full of stores and shopping opportunities. A lot of tourists like to go to the many shops that sell copies of famous brands. Even if they are copies they hold a good quality. They are a great option for you who don’t want to spend a lot of money on the original. But here are also “normal” shops, jewelry stores, bag shops, bag shops, malls, shoe shops, shops for beauty products, and much more.

Beauty and SPA

Beauty treatments in Alanya are really cheap. A lot of people let a hairdresser fix their hair before a night on the town instead of doing it themselves. For men, it is also a nice treat to let a professional salon take care of the shaving.


Fridays are bazaar days in Alanya center, and this is from where most local people buy their fresh groceries. Then farmers come from all over Alanya and sell their vegetables, fruits, nuts. cheeses, olives, spices, eggs, etc. This is a really nice experience even if you are not really needing any groceries. The atmosphere, the smells, and the colors really give you a beautiful picture of the real Turkey and the life here.